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English website made for sharing information with our ski friends from other nations.

27.-29. April, Skeikampen in Norway
TOPIC: Basic Skills training in a Basic Skills Arena


In the FIS family we have a lot of collaborations between nations through
FIS Bring Children to the Snow
At this website you will find all the information and all presentations from FIS meetings and FIS Youth and Children Seminar. Major project in this campaign:

FIS Snow Kidz    FIS World Snow Day

Here you will find  information about FIS campaign and link to national project around the world regarding skiing and children. It is also developed material to share between the nations.

Norwegian materials in english
We have translated some of our booklets regarding children activities into english to share between nations. You will find the booklets below: 
Childrens rules and rights in Norway  

Cross Country Cross    


 Videos - Youtube
We also have a lot of videos in our chanel 'Skiutdanning'(meaning: ski education) on Youtube. All the text is written in norwegian, but the videos is great to use in education matters. Below you will find direct link  to playlists of videos, so it will be easier to find them. Cross country training
Cross Country summer training

Cross-Country Cross

On the link below you will find some videos with English subtitles from Norwegian Cross-Country cross events, som videos who describes how to make an arena for Cross Country Cross and why it is important to train technical skills this way. You will also find two booklets describing how to organize a CXC event.

 Other recruitment projects
Below you will find some other information in english about some of our recruitment projects.

Mini skis and Mobile Ski Jumping Hill
Mini skis is great, cheap and fun equipment to use for children who wants to try skiing for the first time. You just need normal shoes and some snow in your local community, school yard or in the street. You can also use them as balance training in the ski club. We also have had a lot of school projects with mini skis and the mobile Ski Jumping Hill. Here you will find images and videos from different activities on mini skis and video from the project 'Dream Day at School'. The National Team in Ski Jumping in Norway also use this for fun training and balance training. See the video greetings from their mini ski training in november 2013 and from the womens activities in 2012.

FIS Snow Kidz activities at World Cup Events in Norway World Cup Events is a great arena to activate children and to use as a recruitment arena for the local ski clubs. School activities at the Event will also make a great framework with all the happy children watching the athletes. It is a lot of nations doing this at World Cup Events. Here some excamples from our Events:

Other sport topics regarding young athletes - websites We have some good web sites in norwegian regarding sports, for athletes, coaches and parents. Some sites are in english or part of it in english, but most of it is in norwegian.  But perhaps you can use google translate at some of the topics, so it will make sense and you can get some information out of it. See the websites and direct link to som topics below:


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