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PARA - Information In English

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Hommelvik 1.-3. March 2024

💥Competition Venue Information
Jervskogen Skisenter Fv 6660 240, 7550 Hommelvik
The skistadium is located 18,5 km from Trondheim Airport Værnes, traveltime with car; 25 min. Ditance fromTrondheim is 31,5 km,  traveltime wth car 40 min.

👉 Simple Cafe where you can buy something to eat at the stadium

💥Local Transport
We recommend having a rental car during the competition period.

💥Accommodation and food
Accomodation at Quality Airport Hotel Værnes (Close to Trondheim Airport. 20 min to Jervskogen skiarena)
Prices pr day (breakfast included);
1: Single room NOK 1.030,-
2: Double room NOK 1.230,-
3: Trippel room NOK 1.430,-
All booking 


💥Practical Information; 
In case of any changes, we have established this website to make it easy for everyone to keep being updated. 

👉 Question can be adressed to Anne Ragnhild Kroken,
E-mail: anne.kroken@skiforbundet.no
👉 During the competition period there will be an WhatsApp group for the  event. Link WhatsApp group

👉 Test for fluor will be carried out, so make sure that you have done the right thing for cleaning all your skis for flour.
Link to Guide for Cleaning Methods;

Entries will be made by Isonen for Norwegian athletes.
Entries for foreigner’s need to be done by the FIS FPDMS system  
Payment for entry fee need to be done at the registration time.
Deadline for entries: 23rd February 2024

💥Race office is open;
The race office is located at Jervskogen Ski Center. The opening hours are:
Wednesday, February 28, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Thursday, February 29, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday, March 1, 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday, March 2, 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday, March 3, 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM

You can reach the race office at Jervskogen by email at langrenn@jervskogen.no

👉 Entry fee - Timer Chip 
Entry fee: 20€ pr race
The entry fee must be paid at the time of registration. Registrations without paid entry fees will not be accepted. Entry fees will not be refunded for registered athletes who do not participate.

Payment to the account number must be made by the registration deadline.
Account number: 4218 06 10124
IBAN: NO5242180610124
Swift code: SPTRNO22

Athletes who don't have EMIT  timer chip can borrow one from the organizer. Rental chips must be returned after each race. Lost rental chips must be replaced at a cost of NOK 900.

The team captains meeting will be held on Thursday, February 29th, at 5:00 PM at Bruket Cultural Center in Hommelvik. Parking is available at the Hommelvik Town Hall.

💥 Wax Cabins/Wax place
Waxing spaces include wagons, and stalls of approximately 12 sqm divided by netting fences in heated tents. There is lighting in the tents, and each space has access to power
👉 Heated tent waxing space, approximately 12 sqm: Price 6000 NOK (excluding VAT).
👉 Request and order the waxcabin via e-mail;  gmo@hrpas.no

Parking is available near Jervskogen Ski Center. A parking ticket from Thursday to Sunday costs NOK 300, and daily parking is NOK 100. Payment can be made via a mobile app.

💥Course maps

💥Program for the event - competition shedule 
This event is an integrated event with abled bodied Scandinavian Cup

Wednesday, February 28th
Free training on the course
Thursday, February 29th
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM: The red areas on the map will be open for training on Thursday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (See map on the main page)

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM:  Sprint course will only be open for official training from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

👉 6:00 PM:   Lecture by ski historian Thor Gotaas
Thor Gotaas will give a lecture titled "A Lighthearted Look at Norwegian Ski History" focusing on Trøndelag athletes at Bruket Cultural Center in connection with the event.
A link for purchasing tickets will be published.

Friday, March 1st  
09:00 AM:  Qualification PARA sprint cl all classes
10:00 AM:  Qualification for women
10:25 AM:   Qualification for men
11:15 AM:    Finals for PARA all classes
12:00 PM:    Finals for women and men
Training on the course until 7:00 PM

Saturday, March 2nd
08:45 AM:  PARA  Sitting men and women 10 km cl
09:45 AM:  PARA Standing/VI men and women 20 km cl
10:00 AM:  Senior women's start, 30 km Classic
11:50 AM:   Senior men's start, 30 km Classic
Training on the course until 7:00 PM

Sunday, March 3rd
08:30 AM: PARA  sitting men and women 5 km
09:00 AM:  PARA standing/VI men and women 10 km free
09:05 AM:  Senior Women's Start, 10 km free
10:20 AM:  Senior Men's Start, 10 km free
Please note that the program is subject to possible adjustments

👉 Training times - Official Training
Wednesday: Fee training on the course
Thursday, February 29th, from 12:00 PM to 14:00 PM,
Friday and Saturday after the races end.
The courses will close 5 minutes before the first start and will remain open until 7:00 PM. The warm-up course will be open until 10:00 PM.

Prize ceremonies
💥 Will be held at the stadium after the official results are available after each class

💥Start and Result lists
Will be published on the LOC website

💥Medical and Anti-Doping Information
Anti Doping
According to the FIS Anti-Doping Rules

Medical Service at the venue
According to ICR art. 221.

💥 Participant Insurance
With the issuance of a license to participate in FIS competitions and entry, the National Ski Association confirms that valid and sufficient accident insurance for training and competition is in place for the competitor and assumes full responsibility.
For more information please see art. 204.2 and 212 of the ICR

💥 Jury;
Chief of Competition; Gunnar Smiseth - gunnar.smiseth@gmail.com
Ass Chief of Competition;  Sander ØwreHaugan - sanderhaugan@hotmail.com
TD; Linda Finnskog (SWE)
Ass TD; Fred Arne Jakobsen