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Beitostølen 22.-23. February 2024
This is the Norwegian Championship.

💥Competition Venue Information
Beitostølen Skistadium Stadionvegen 2, 2953 Beitostølen
The skistadium is located 21o km from Oslo Airport Gardermoen and is about 900m over sea level. Traveltime with car from the airport is ca 3,5 hrs.

👉 Simple Cafe where you can buy something to eat at the stadium
👉 There is no oppertunities for wardrobe or shower at the stadium

💥Local Transport
We recommend having a rental car during the competition period.

You will have to arrange food and accommodation on your own. Contact the hotels and make your own accommodation bookings. 
At Beitostølen there are a nuber of hotels, mountain lodges and cabins/appartements
Current places to contact ;
Beitostølen Resort – Hotell, appartemets and cabins in all sizes and price levels 1-2 km from the skistadium
Beitostølen Resort is the LOC partner number 1;.
Contactperson: Ragnhild Bakken on e-mail; ragnhild@beitostolen.com or phone +47 61 35 14 24 / cellphone +47 913 68 960

Other options;
Beitostølen Bookingservice –
Cabins in all categories, variation from 4-28 beds. Distance from skistadium 100 m - 8 km

Grønolen Fjellgard – hotel, appartements and cabins with great kitchen - 6 km from the skistadium

Knuts Hyttegrend – cabins and appartements with 6-10 beds in quiet sourrundings ca 700 m from the skistadium

Beitostølen Hytter & Camping – cabins with 2-10 beds ca 500 m from the skistadium

There are three supermarkeds at Beitostølen and a some restaurents

Practical Information; 
In case of any changes, we have established this website to make it easy for everyone to keep being updated. 

👉 Question can be adressed to Anne Ragnhild Kroken,
E-mail: anne.kroken@skiforbundet.no
👉 During the competition period there will be an WhatsApp group for the  event. Link WhatsApp group   

👉 Test for fluor will be carried out, so make sure that you have done the right thing for cleaning all your skis for flour.
Link to Guide for Cleaning Methods;

Entries will be made by Isonen for Norwegian athletes.
Entries for foreigner’s need to be done by the FIS FPDMS system  
Payment for entry fee/rental fee for timing chips will be organized on site at the race office. 
Deadline for entries: 17 th January 2024

💥Race office is open;
The race Office is placed at Idrettens Hus at the stadium
12.feb – 16.feb 08.00 am - 15.30pm (tlf. 901 76 584)
Monday - Wednesday 19.-21.02   9.00 am - 3.00 pm
Thursday - Friday 22.-23.02         8.00 am - 5.00 pm

👉 Entry fee and rental fee for timer chip can be paid at the race office
Entry fee: 220 Nok pr race
Rental fee for timer chip: 100 NOK pr race. 

Wednesday and Thursday 21st and 22nd February  6 pm
TCM will take place at Lodge 900, Bygdinvegen 3787, Beitostølen (this is in the centrum at Beitostølen 

💥 Wax Cabins/Wax place
👉 LOC has 35 Waxcabins for rental
Waxcabin 15 m2            (16A connection)             Kr 6000
Waxcabin 30 m2           (16A connection)             Kr 9000
👉 Order the waxcabin via e-mail;  post@osil.no

Practical information: All waxcabin will be invoiced when ordering 
Earliest arrival; Monday 19.02.24.

Parking tickets is 100 NOK pr day, payment is cash – keep the money ready.
Parking for athletes and team staff will be in conceting with the stadium
There will be some reserved places near the startarea for the Para athletes. Cars with sitting athletes will have the priority
Map for parking will be publiched at the website

💥Course map

💥Competition Schedule 
This event is an integrated event with abled bodied
Full competition schedule for the whole event, you find here

 💥COMPETITION SCHEDULE PARA (might be some small changes)           
👉 Thursday 22th February 
09:00: 5 km sitting men and women 
10:00: 7,5 km Free technique Standing/VI men and women
👉 Friday 23th February 
12.15 Sprint Qualificatin Para all classes
14:45 Sprint Finals Para all classes

👉 Training times - Official Training
Wednesday 21th February:
9:00 am-12:00 pm
Thursday 22nd February:
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Prize ceremonies
💥 Participants prize to all athletes can be picked up at the race office  
      Times for prize ceremonies will be posted later

💥Start and Result lists
Will be published on the LOC website

💥Medical and Anti-Doping Information
Anti Doping
According to the FIS Anti-Doping Rules

Medical Service at the venue
According to ICR art. 221.

💥 Participant Insurance
With the issuance of a license to participate in FIS competitions and entry, the National Ski Association confirms that valid and sufficient accident insurance for training and competition is in place for the competitor and assumes full responsibility.
For more information please see art. 204.2 and 212 of the ICR

💥 Jury;
Chief of Competition; Torbjørn Broks Pettersen  - broks@olympiaparken.no
Ass Chief of Competition; Håvard Nyhagen - haavard.nyhagen@gmail.com
TD; Erlend Husom - erlend.husom@gmail.com
Ass TD; Geir Colbjørnsen
Ass TD; Kenneth Holth