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Fluor test procedure

1.    General Information

Testing method
-       According to FIS Rules
-       InfraRed Spectroscopy (FTIR)
-       More information about the instrument and model HERE

Location of the test
-       Finish area

Testing before competition days
Recommend everyone to test their skies the days before competition. Test station will be open:
-       Thursday (09:00-11:30 and 12:30-15:00)

2.    Testing logistics

Testing before race
-      Every skies need to be in zone 3, 15 min before start.
-       Random athlete/skies will be picked to test skies before start. 
-       Due to time pressure, random testing of skis will be carried out.
-       The amount of skis to be tested will not be communicated before the competition. 

After Competitions
-       Right after the competition skis must be delivered by the athlete, team member or SRS to the post-race ski check-in zone (Zone 4). 
-       The goal is to test as many skis as possible. 
-       Skis must be placed in the designated rack.
-       Skis are tested in the tent.
-       After the skis have been tested, they will be placed in the «Fluor – final check out» zone, where they can be collected by athlete or team member.

Ski marking
-       All skis must be marked before race.
-       The mark must contain:

  • Bib number
  • Name
  • Club/Nation

-       Without marking, the skis cannot be delivered to testing.
-       Ski markings must be placed on the lower part of the skies, preferably behind the binding.
-      Please put the stickers on the skies in warm conditions. Make sure that skies are dry and warm before you put the stickers on. You will find stickers/tags at the race office. 


Sprint finals:

-       Skies need to be placed in the skiracks/boxes in zone 3, 15min before their 1/4 finals. 
-       Skis will be randomly tested before finals and after the race.
-       Skis must be marked with ski tag.
-       Athletes’ skis that have been knocked out in the ¼-final or ½-final must be delivered immediately for testing after the competition.