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Fluor test procedure

1.    General Information

Testing method

-       According to FIS Rules.

-       InfraRed Spectroscopy (FTIR).

-       More information about the instrument and model HERE

Location of the test

-       Pre-start/Mix Zone

-       Test station will open 45 minutes before 1st start in every competition. 

Testing before competition days

Recommend everyone to test their skies the days before competition. Test station will be open:

-       Wednesday (09:00-11:30 and 12:30-15:00)

-       Thursday (09:00-11:00 and 12:30-15:00)

Testing scope

-       The goal is to test as many skis as possible. 

-       Due to time pressure, random testing of skis will be carried out.

-       The amount of skis to be tested will not be communicated before the competition. 

2.    Testing logistics

Ski marking

-       All skis must be marked before delivery.

-       The mark must contain:

  • Bib number
  • Name
  • Club/Nation

-       Will be handed out when bib numbers are distributed.

-       Without marking, the skis cannot be delivered to testing/start.

-       Ski markings must be placed up part of the skies.


Skis delivery

-       Skis must be delivered to defind check-in area for fluoride testing before deadline.


Sprint C Friday

Sprint qualification

1 pair (athletes bib number)

-20min before the athlete start

Sprint finals

1 pair (athletes bib number)

-15min before the athlete start

10km C Saturday

Interval start

1 pair (athletes bib number)

-20min before the athlete start

10km F Sunday

Interval start

1 pair (athletes bib number)

-20min before the athlete start

-       Athletes/support team delivers the skis to the submission area (Ski racks)

-       Skis are tested in the tent

Skis pick-up before the start

-       After testing, the skis will be moved to area where athletes’ pick-up skis before the start.

-       Skis will be moved to that area immediately after testing and no later than 5 minutes before the athletes start. 

-       After testing, the skis cannot be touched, except for fluor testing personnel (exception is sprint classic).

After Competitions

-       Right after the competition skis must be delivered by the athlete, team member or SRS to the post-race ski check-in zone. 

-       Skis must be placed in the designated rack.

-       Skis are tested in the tent.

-       After the skis have been tested, they will be placed in the «Fluor – final check out» zone, where they can be collected by athlete or team member.

 Sprint finals Classic:

-       Skis will be tested:

  • Before ¼ finals and after the final

-       Waxing, scraping, or cleaning of skis during competition is only allowed in classic sprint (ONLY in kick-wax zone). This must be done in a communicated area at the start. Adjustments can be done by athlete or authorized personnel. Adjustments of glide zones is not allowed. 

-       1 autohorized personell per team/club will be allowed to be in this communicated area.

-       Submission deadline is 15 minutes before first ¼ final and right after each final (¼-final and ½-final). 

-       Skis must be marked with ski tag.

-       Athletes’ skis that have been knocked out in the ¼-final or ½-final must be delivered immediately for testing after the competition. 

Tools and products allowed in «Fluor – Kick wax service» zone (only sprint classic)


-       Wax tables

-       Ski profiles

-       Heat guns (battery and gas)

-       Corks

-       Scrapers

-       Structure roller tools

-       Sandpapers

-       Dry paper or Fiberlene for cleaning tools


-       Kick-Wax

-       Klisters, hard wax

-       Tape-Wax

-       Tapes

Not allowed products in the «Fluor – kick wax service» zone

-       Sprays

-       Liquids

-       Glide waxes