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Team Captains Meeting / Jury Meetings

From TCM and Jury Meetings:

Jury meeting Sunday 15.00:

The jury had a long meeting where we discussed todays competition. During the women’s race the conditions where -4 degrees, tracks where hard and the course where prepared correct. Between women’s and men’s competition it started to snow. The snow changed the conditions and made the tracks slower. Most of the men skied therefore between the tracks. The organizer had for-runners  who skied before and throughout the competition. The jury have observed skiers going beyond rules changing direction where tracks are made.  There is no rules in ICR witch says its illegal to ski between the tracks. On the other hand in rule 310.2.2.3 says that the course must be marked where the racer can make change of direction. The organizer had done this properly in front of the race considering the conditions at the start. There was no problems during the women’s race. With that as a background has the jury decided that no racers will get any sanctions because of changing direction between the tracks or cutting corners with tracks that wasn’t marked.

 The jury will also send this statement to the management of Scandinavian cup

Info from Jury Saturday 19.00:

5 km and ski test: There will be possible to test skis in the blue area during the competition. Refers to the map. Please follow the functionaries instruction.

The course will be open 15 minutes between the last woman and first start for the men. Please follow the announcement from the speaker.


Info from Jury Friday 21.30: 

The start list for men has been drawn again because of an error.


 Friday: Jury Meeting 20:00 03/01-2020

The organizer has done a great job tonight. More the 30 voluntaries and a numbers of snowmobiles have moved snow into the course. The jury have therefore decided that the ordinary 5km course will be used. 

The course will be groomed at kl 20:00 tonight. We will do a new check of the course kl 03:00, to see if we have to groom again.

The course will be open for testing from kl 08:00. 

Race start for the men will be kl 12:30 tomorrow. (There will be distributed a new start list as soon its ready).

Then we have the opportunity to groom the course again if necessary and the athletes can test skis.

There will be a jury-meeting kl 11.00 tomorrow. New info will then be distributed.

Official training tomorrow for Sunday will be kl 16:30-18:30 (Classic).

Bring your headlamp! 



Friday: Jury Meeting 15:00 03/01-2020

 The course team will start work with the 5 km course now.

 There will be a jury meeting at 20:00 tonight. More info will be presented.



TCM will be held on at Thursday, January 2 at 16.00 in the Ski Hall of the stadium.

From TCM 2. January. TCM-presentation.