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On behalf of the Norwegian Ski Federation, Nes Ski and Stiftelsen Nes Skianlegg have the pleasure of inviting Scandinavian Cup to Nes Skianlegg 03.-05. January 2020.

                                                                                                                   Invitation PFD-document


Friday, 3rd January at 10:00

  • Ladies and men, sprint free technique: 

 Saturday, 4th January at 10:00

  • Ladies and men, 20/30 km free technique, interval start

 Sunday, 5th January at 09:00

  • Ladies and men, 10/15 km classic technique, interval start



Official training: Thursday, 2nd January - 13.00 - 16.00

Open courses:

  • Thursday   10.00 - 19.00
  • Friday         15.00 - 19.00
  • Saturday    16.00 - 19.00



Members of Norwegian teams: Online at minidrett.nif.no.

Foreign teams: Use FIS Entry form sent to erlandskogli@hotmail.com

Entries deadline: Friday December 27, 2019 at. 23.59.00.

After this time, entry is closed.

Entry fee: 200 NOK / race / person

    Must be paid to account 12710644711 of Nes Skianlegg by 27th December 2019.

        Bank details:

            Nes Skianlegg SA

            Aurskog Sparebank

            BIC:      AUSNN021XXX

            IBAN:   NO9212710644711


Insurance / FIS-code:

All athletes must have insurance. Insurance pr. day can be bought at the race office. Note:We only accept local currency.

All athletes must have FIS-code. The Athletes Declaration must be filled in to have FIS-code.



All athletes must use their own chip. Chips can be rented at the race office. Cost: NOK 200 pr. day. Note: We only accept local currency.

If you loose the rented chip: NOK 600.



Bibs are obtained outside race office from 09:00 at Friday and Saturday, and from 08:00 at Sunday. In the sprint finals Friday, everyone will have a thigh number in addition to the starting number. Thigh number is attached with safety pins on the left side


Start lists:

Start lists will be posted at www.skiforbundet.no/nes/ after any deletions from TCM on Thursday, January 2nd.


Result lists:

Scores of results will be posted on www.skiforbundet.no/nes/ as soon as the lists are official.


Trail map  and profile

Trail maps, profile and stadium overview can be found at www.skiforbundet.no/nes/


Team Captains Meeting:

TCM will be held on at Thursday, January 2 at 16.00 in the Ski Hall of the stadium.


Waxing cabins:

Nes Skianlegg offers the following options:

  • Waxing cabins in heated rooms, approx. 9 sqm               Rent NOK  6 000,-
  • Space for truck                                                                         Rent NOK  6 000,-
  • Space for waxing wagon / waxing tent                               Rent NOK  3 500,-
  • Space for motorhome                                                             Rent NOK     500,-

One waxing cabin free for the national team (FIN, SWE, NOR, ISL, EST, LAT)

Order deadline is December 15th, 2019.

Location is near the test trails and stadium.

The price includes:

  • one power outlet 1 phase 16A 230V
  • parking for 1 car
  • for motorhomes - one power outlet 1 phase 16A 230V

The area will be open 24 hours a day. There will be security in the area, but all equipment is stored at your own risk.

To order, fill out the form found here and send it to e-mail: roar.nyjordet@ahlsell.no.

Invoice will be sent out at 1 of December with payment deadline 10 days.

Tenants are responsible for electrical equipment and cords being free of defects. In the event of proven faults, the organizer will refuse to use the equipment.

If you have any questions: Contact Roar Nyjordet, tel. +47 913 44 522, e-mail: roar.nyjordet@ahlsell.no.


Prizes and ceremonies:

Award according to Scancup's regulations.

The top six in each class will be awarded at the ceremony in the Ski Hall immediately after the official results are ready.







Race Leader

Amund Vandsemb



Ass. Race Leader

Amund Lier-Hansen



Race secretary

Eva Aarhus Vandsemb



Race office

Kristin Mykjåland




Erland Skogli




Erik Østlie




Tor Arne Eggum




Nils Thorstad



Service area

Roar Nyjordet




Arild Bråten




Erling Jellum



Sponsor contract

Rune Åslund




Rune Åslund




Ingela Kälvedal



Ass. TD

Arne Otto Vedvik




Race office:

Race office at cross-country stadium.

 Opening hours:

  • Thursday   10.00 - 17.00
  • Friday        08.00 - 16.00
  • Saturday   08.00 - 16.00
  • Sunday      07.30 - 15.00



All parking is located at Nes Skianlegg.

Parking and road tax:

  • NOK 100 per day
  • NOK 300 for all days (Thursday-Sunday)

Parking voucher is sold at the road barrier. Payment in cash or with VIPPS.

Those who pay with VIPPS: Make payment in advance to # 588052 PARKERING - Nes Skianlegg.

Parking voucher for ordered waxing cabins and wagons is distributed at the road barrier.

The road up to the ski resort is narrow and everyone is advised to drive carefully.

The road barrier opens at 06:00 on competition days. Before this time, passage must be paid by bank card in the card slot at the road barrier.



See website. www.skiforbundet.no/nes/overnatting/


Doping control:

It should be noted that doping control may be performed. Such control will take place in a separate room in the stadium.


Cafe / kiosk:

There is a kiosk with sale of kiosk products.

Note: We only accept local currency.

Opening hours:

  • Thursday   10.00 - 
  • Friday        09.00 - 16.00
  • Saturday   08.00 - 16.00
  • Sunday      08.00 - 15.00

You can order a lunch bag for Sunday,

To ensure a good and efficient food offer even on departure day, we offer ready-made lunchbags. The offer is valid for pickup only on Sunday.

The following information is important to note:

  • Deadline for ordering: Friday, January 3 at 15.00
  • Place to order: The hall , cafeteria. We gladly take club orders.
  • Price for lunch bag: NOK 100, -
  • Content in the lunch bag:
    • Smoothie
    • Baguette with cheese and ham
    • Pizza roll
    • Chocolate
    • Fruit
    • Lunch bags will be ready for pick up from 11.00 on Sunday.


Welcome to Scandinavian Cup In Nes Skianlegg


Amund Vandsemb                                                 Asgeir Moberg

Race leader                                                             NSF (Norwegian Ski Federation)