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Race formats in Falun

DESCISION about race formats in Falun, January 9.-11.2015

Dear all Scandinavian ski friends,

In Falun there is a skiathlon race on Sunday (January 11., 2015).
There will be a limitation of participants, due to the capacity at the ski stadium.

Together with the OC the following decision is made:

  • The race schedule in Falun 09-11.01.2015 will be the same as we decided in Lahti.
  • The Skiathlon the last day will be organized with a maximum of 140 + 10 athletes per race participating. During November the OC will inform about the exact qualification rules for the race.
  • The other races during the event will be organized without any limitation of participation.

The race schedule in Falun will be:

09.01.2015: 10/15 F
10.01.2015: Sprint C
11.01.2015: Skiathlon C+F